“The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight”

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“Russia’s anti-gay laws are disturbingly similar to the Nuremberg laws Hitler passed before the 1936 Olympics.”

Russian-Jew museum director fired for art criticizing Sochi Olympics

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Stalin. And Hitler.

Obama concerned about gays at Sochi Olympics; compares Russia to Africa, Soviets

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Breaking: Obama cancels meeting with Putin over, among other things, “human rights” concerns.

Russians change mind for 4th time, now claim won’t jail gays during Olympics

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Last week they said they would jail gays, then they said they wouldn’t, then they would, and now they won’t.

Will Johnny Weir wear a rainbow pin to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?

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Gay New Zealand speedskater Blake Skjellerup has called on fellow Olympians to wear rainbow pins at Sochi.

ABC: “Gay athletes could be prosecuted at 2014 Winter Olympics”

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ABC: “The International Olympic Committee appears only cautiously optimistic that the games will be safe.”
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