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Video: Rosie O’Donnell & Broadway stars sing-protest the White House

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Rosie O’Donnell and 55 Broadway singers descended on the White House last week to perform at Day 22 of our ongoing Kremlin Annex protests. I had initially lost the video in a ...

White House protest leader Adam Parkhomenko talks about his anti-Trump events

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Adam Parkhomenko, the coordinator of the never-ending nights of anti-Trump protests taking place at the White House in the days following Trump’s disastrous Helsinki Summit with ...

Anti-Trump protesters shout “LOCK HIM UP!” as Trump arrives at the White House

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On day 7 of the never-ending nights of anti-Trump protests at the Kremlin Annex (formerly known as the White House), I was able to capture video of Donald Trump and Melania walking ...

White House faces daily protests after Trump appeases Putin in Helsinki

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Donald Trump is facing daily, and growing, protests following his disastrous summit in Helsinki with Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which Trump threw America under the Russian ...
Dan Scavino

Embattled White House social media director Scavino crazy-tweets AP reporter

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White House social media director Dan Scavino flipped out yesterday on Twitter at a reporter who asked him about allegations that he violated federal ethics laws. Ethics experts say ...

UDPATE: Trump WH aide Monica Crowley steps down over plagiarism

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Senior Trump White House appointee Monica Crowley has been accused of plagiarizing her Ph.D. She should lose it.

White House hedges on Equality Act

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The administration supports the bill’s goals, but isn’t ready to lend its support.

Ted Cruz using gay-bashing to win White House in 2016

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I’ve been waiting decades for Republicans to stand up the nutjobs in their party. And sadly, I’m still waiting.

Sarah Palin thinks the President lives at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue

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The future of the Republican party is quite literally lost.
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