Is badBIOS a dire computer virus, or an improbable hoax?

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Dire warnings about a new computer viruses infecting Macs and PCs has me skeptical.

Krokodil, a “flesh-eating” narcotic from Russia, may finally be in America

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The drug turns your skin leathery and scaly before it rots off your body. Life expectancy of a user is 2-3 yrs.

John Lewis: Supreme Court stabbed civil rights law “in its very heart”

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The Supreme Court today gutted a key enforcement mechanism of the Voting Rights Act.

What is quantitative easing? (funny video)

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The Australian comedic duo of John Clarke (born in New Zealand) and Bryan Dawe explain quantitative easing.
Class war Kitty social security benefits medicare seniors

9 Chained CPI facts they don’t want you to know

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Chained CPI — not just a benefit cut to Social Security, but a tax hike too.
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