Phelps clan run out of Moore, Oklahoma for saying God intentionally sent tornado that killed 9 kids

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Westboro Baptist says America has been too pro-gay, so they protested the school that lost 9 kids last year.

Franklin Graham’s Merry Christmas gay-bashing and Pope-bashing

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Billy Graham’s son Franklin is using the holiday season to bash gays, and the Pope.
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Two of Fred Phelps’ granddaughters defect from GodHatesF*gs Westboro Baptist

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I’m glad there’s now a chink in the Phelps armor. But I’m far more worried about the dangers posed by the kinde
Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church gay

Fox News says Fred Phelps’ “God Hates F*gs” hate group is “left wing”

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A perfect example of why Fox News is not a “news” network, but rather, a propaganda arm of the Republican party.
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