NRA head Wayne LaPierre foaming at the mouth

Wayne LaPierre on Hillary: “Eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough”

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We’ve had our fun, but it’s time to elect a white man again.

Liberals want more Newtown massacres, says NRA head

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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre today used the Boston Marathon bombing to push for more guns.

CPAC invites gun nut Wayne LaPierre, but bans conservative gay group

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CPAC has made clear that there’s no still no room at the GOP Inn for anyone who’s out.

NRA warns Americans to arm selves for imminent zombie apocalypse

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NRA: “Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Riots… It’s not paranoid to buy a gun. It’s survival.” No, sorry, it’s paranoid.

NRA head LaPierre shocked that Fox News called him out

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It doesn’t happen often, but Fox News called out the NRA on Sunday for going after the Obama girls.

NRA Web site glorifies violent Hollywood movies after NRA chief criticizes violent Hollywood movies

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NRA chief called Hollywood violence “pornography,” but touts “Pulp Fiction” & “Reservoir Dogs” on NRA Web site.
The NRA's fallen and it can't get up

The NRA’s fallen and it can’t get up

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It was a truly disastrous weekend for the once-untouchable NRA.
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