America holds its own version of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Every. Single. Day.

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Think its gross that the Chinese are eating dogs? Take a look at how we stock our supermarkets.

Costco commies: “Our employees deserve Thanksgiving with their families”

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Costco will be giving its employees the day off on Thanksgiving, adding to the company’s compassionate image.

Vigilante Walmart shopper shoots at shoplifter, hits 3 cars, almost hits innocent

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This latest incident is classic. And it proves why arming the world does not the road to safety make.
Gerald David Hume

“Obviously” mentally ill man buys guns at Walmart, Gun World. Then shoots mom. Dismembers her.

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Walmart and Gun World need to seriously rethink their role in fueling America’s mass-murder mentality.

Walmart changes mind, will deign to meet VP Biden to talk guns (and they may have lied)

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Walmart refused to meet with VP Biden because of a “scheduling conflict.” Now suddenly they’re available.
walmart gun

Walmart refuses to meet VP Biden to talk guns

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Walmart, the nation’s largest gunseller, claimed a “scheduling conflict.” Tacky.
walmart sellling guns

How creepy that Walmart has military-style rifles on its Web site

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Other than handcuffs for sex, how many things are manufactured for military and police, and also “recreation”?

Walmart rejected safety upgrades at Asia factory where 100 die in fire

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When accidents happen, Walmart can take solace that “they got the best price.” The dead workers, not so much.
Money politics corruption

The push to fix the debt is a billionaire- and corporate-financed looting scam

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The “fix the debt” crisis is financed & driven by looters; watch as the rubes give the rich whatever they want.
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