Trump committed treason in Helsinki

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Our president is a traitor owned by a foreign power. That’s the conclusion that even skeptics are finally reaching, following Trump’s horrific press conference with Russian ...

Guest Ohio Democratic party chair David Pepper on gerrymandering reform & his time with Putin

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Cliff and I talk with Ohio Democratic party chair David Pepper. Our discussion includes: Ohio’s recent successful gerrymandering reform; David’s extensive Russian background, ...
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Colbert on Putin banning depiction of himself as a gay clown

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Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly banned a depiction of himself, used by opposition protesters, as a gay clown. It’s not known exactly which gay-clown depiction ...

Demand DOJ appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s Russia ties

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Add your name, demand the Justice Department appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s RussiaGate.

Gen. Flynn led standing ovation for Putin in Moscow

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Trump National Security Adviser led a standing ovation for Vladimir Putin in Moscow last winter.

Gen. McCaffrey on Trump: “The most anti-American statement ever made by the President of the US”

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“One could argue that’s the most anti-American statement ever made by the president of the United States.”

“Illegitimate,” the new t-shirt to fight Trump

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We all know Trump is illegitimate — now there’s a t-shirt! We’ve got “Trump-Putin” t-shirts and hats too!
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Trump relaxes sanctions on KGB successor

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Trump secretly relaxed sanctions on Russia’s KGB successor agency, FSB.

Former CIA/NSA chief: Putin’s “defense” of Trump was meant to hurt Trump

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Putin “defended” Trump today, knowing it would hurt Trump in the eyes of the American people. That was his intent.

Will Trump join Putin’s international white nationalist movement?

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Trump’s NSA Gen. Flynn meets with Austria’s far-right leader, who recently entered a pact with Putin.
Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it In a speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today, Donald Trump announced a blockbuster flip-flop in his signature policy of building a wall between the US and Mexico. Up until today, Trump had always said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Yet today, Trump revealed that American taxpayers are now paying for the multi-billion-dollar wall, and that, allegedly, Mexico will “reimburse” us for the cost. And no explanation from Trump as to why Mexico would do any such thing.

Russia scoops Wikileaks on new Podesta emails – things that make you go hmm

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Russian state propaganda organ scoops Wikileaks on new Clinton email dump. Are they too close for comfort?

Donald Trump is no Reagan

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Mike Pence said today that Trump is just like Ronald Reagan. Reagan would roll over in his grave at the thought.

Trump defended Putin last night re DNC hack, then criticized US

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At an MSNBC military forum, Trump praised Vladimir Putin, and suggested America was just as bad as Russia.
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