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Amanda Marcotte on Trump’s refusal to forswear violence should he lose the election

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Amanda Marcotte on the growing threat of violence surrounding the November election.
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Trump tweets video physically attacking Hillary Clinton

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Trump sold the Republican party out this week, twice. He needs to win back the Deplorables. Cliff Schecter predicted in our latest podcast that Trump would win back his base by promising ...
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Trump encourages violence against CNN reporters

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Donald Trump today posted a tweet encouraging and promoting violence against CNN reporters. This comes on the heels of Trump spokesperson Sarah Huckabee claiming falsely that Trump ...

This guy agrees with Trump, he wants Hillary dead

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Meet someone who heard Trump’s message about killing Hillary, and who agrees wholeheartedly.

Sanders issues belligerent statement after followers threaten to kill NV party chair

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Democrats worry that Sanders has plans for more violence at the national Democratic convention this summer.

Trump threatens Sanders with mob violence

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Trump spent the weekend undermining democratic norms, ending with an open threat against Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump has a lot in common with segregationist George Wallace

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While many compare Trump’s extremism to the rise of Hitler, others are talking about the rise of George Wallace.

The growing protests are helping Trump, and hurting the GOP

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Now is the time for anti-Trump protesters to step up their game.

VIDEO: White Trump supporter kicks black protester at rally today

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More violence at a Trump rally today in Ohio.
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