Newt Gingrich Megyn Kelly

Fox’s Megyn Kelly crushes Gingrich over Trump sexual assault claims

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Fox’s Megyn Kelly deliciously takes down Newt Gingrich over Trump’s sexual assault allegations.
John Oliver fireworks

John Oliver on “The Day of Colonial Aggression” (aka the 4th of July)

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“We in America love fireworks. Why? Well, because they’re like sparkly guns you can shoot in the sky.”

Some scary videos of the tornados in Arkansas, Mississippi

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It’s hard to find original video, since everyone on YouTube just steals everyone else’s video, but I think I did.

Top 4 Chris Christie meltdown videos

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GOP governor & 2016 presidential hopeful Chris Christie’s oversized, vindictive temper has done him in yet again.

Corgi go bragh – a St. Patrick’s Day parade of corgis (video)

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Who knew Las Vegas had an entire St. Patrick’s Day parade made up of corgis?

This corgi seriously wants his ball (video)

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Adorable corgi is seriously excited about getting to play ball.
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