Bernie Sanders’ health

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It’s not our fault, but today’s episode spends a lot of time talking about Bernie Sanders’ health because his own staff, and Bernie himself, made it an issue over ...

Impeachment, 2020, Conan the dog & War Crimes

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Hey everybody, we taped yesterday but I’ve been a bit under the weather so finally got to editing today. (We plan to do another show this Friday, so don’t worry.) In today’s ...
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The War on Brown People

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Donald Trump cares more about a dozen people of color kneeling during a football game than he does 3 million Puerto Ricans without power, water or food. Because: Brown people. In our ...

Welcome to our new Resistance podcast

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I have joined with my longtime friend and progressive colleague Cliff Schecter in launching a new podcast dedicated to empowering the Resistance, called “UnPresidented.” ...
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