Busting up Google & Facebook, Biden’s troubles, and 2020 fundraising — with guest Eddie Vale

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Longtime union activist Eddie Vale joins us in today’s episode of the UnPresidented podcast to talk about trustbusting Google and Facebook, Biden’s mini-MeToo troubles, ...

John Kasich isn’t a moderate: Collective bargaining

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Kasich’s union-busting bill Ohio went so far that even a large subset of Republicans voted to repeal it.

Scott Walker throws Hail Mary, calls for banning public sector unions and abolishing NLRB

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It’s a desperate strategy, but given his standing in the polls, it might be all he has left.

NLRB blocks Northwestern football’s unionization attempt in ruling that makes no sense

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The ruling leaves doors open for future unionization attempts, using circular logic to uphold the status quo.

How Loretta Lynch could save the country, the Obama administration, and the Democratic Party

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But probably won’t.
climate change pollution global warming CO2

Two major pro-Keystone unions donate to anti-union US Chamber of Commerce

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Which two unions are both pro-Keystone and anti-union?

Unions say Obama betrayed them on ACA

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ACA puts union-provided plans at a disadvantage to individual plans offered by the big insurance companies.

How corrupt is Penny Pritzker, Obama’s Sec. of Commerce nominee?

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Does Barack Obama want America to hear about corrupt, union-hating Penny Pritzker?
money farm

America faces more than a dozen deadlines, all caused by billionaires and wealth transfer

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America has a “billionaire problem.” Stopping wealth transfer is at the heart of every national solution.
Obama "Change We Need"

Is the Democratic Party still the “lesser evil”? If so, in what sense?

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To answer this, to separate “rights” policies from economic policies, then decide.
Hockey sports

A muted union victory in the NHL lockout deal

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There’s enough in this deal for both sides to declare victory. Most importantly, there will be hockey in 2013.
Cathay Pacific Airways

Workers on Cathay Pacific Airline threaten to cut drink service and smiles

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Cathay Pacific Airline is threatening to impose US-like customer service if their wage demands aren’t met.
Steven Crowder

GOP activist Crowder accused of provoking MI union members, selectively editing video

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Conservative “gotcha” video edited out segment that may exonerate “violent” union member in Michigan.
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