Glenn Greenwald to be indicted by US, UK?

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Was Greenwald’s family — his partner David — detained 9 hrs. at Heathrow because US, UK preparing indictment?

UK environment secretary Paterson: Climate change isn’t real

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What’s worse, Paterson seemed not to understand the crucial difference between “weather” and “climate.”

Federal Reserve says austerity is hurting US growth

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In the US, UK, Spain and Portugal, austerity is causing more harm than good. Why won’t the GOP get that?

The Singing Ringing Tree (video)

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The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture at Crown Point, above the town of Burnley, Lancashire, UK.

Mila Kunis interviewed by her biggest UK fan: Strangest interview ever

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It’s a cute interview. The guy just melts & starts talking to Mila Kunis about jager bombs, then asks her out.

The history of Britain’s gay rights journey from 1950 to today (video)

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A great video from Britain’s Channel 4 looking at the cultural shift in Britain from the mid-1950s to today.

Huge gay marriage victory in the UK Parliament

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Now that gay marriage has passed its “second reading” in the UK House of Commons it’s all but certain we’ll win.
Rich 1%

British taxpayers to fund $400m in bonuses for bank fined in Libor scandal

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Another round of bonuses, plus massive fines, all paid for by the British taxpayer.
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Depression, suicide linked to debt

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“Irresponsible lending and intimidating debt collectors are pushing thousands of people… into depression.”
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