Uganda passes law mandating life imprisonment for gays

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The Ugandan legislature has passed legislation making “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by life in prison.  The new law will also require straight Ugandans ...

Boehner hosts meeting praising Russia`s crackdown on gays

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Boehner’s office held a meeting today to learn from Russia’s and Uganda’s exemplary example in dealing with gays.

Catholics suspend priest for blowing whistle on sex abuse of minors in Africa

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Father Anthony Musaala of Uganda has been indefinitely suspended for violating the Catholic child-rape omertà.

How (white) American evangelicals fund anti-gay hate and violence in Africa

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Anti-gay bigots in Uganda are doing the bidding of their wealthy patrons in the US.
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The balls to be a trans activist on national TV in Uganda (video)

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Ugandan trans activist Pepe Onziema takes on religious bigot Martin Ssempa on national television. That’s gutsy.
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Uganda anti-gay law would put to death any who criticize it

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Top gay rights activist in Uganda would immediately be sentenced to death if bill passes.

Uganda still working on “Death penalty for gays” bill

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US religious right leaders gloat over Uganda’s effort to put gays to death

Amnesty International suggests being gay is a “choice,” in story about Uganda “kill the gays” bill

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“It’s really a question of the right of an individual to choose how they want to live their lives.” Uh, no.
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Uganda to pass death penalty for gays, their landlords, NGO donors, anyone who doesn’t report gays to cops

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Uganda on Verge of Giving Gays Death Penalty That whole Idi Amin thing is making a lot more sense now. A vile piece of legislation is reportedly on the verge of being passed in Uganda ...
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