TSA agent accidentally pepper-sprays colleagues, 6 hospitalized

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The TSA agent was simply trying to blind his fellow agents with a laser when he pepper-sprayed them instead.

TSA orders wheel-chair bound double-amputee Marine to “walk”

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TSA first had the Marine take his prosthetic legs off, in front of everyone, for “inspection.”

TSA to now allow pocketknives, but not “massive steel dildos”

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If massive steel dildos make their way on to the flight, the terrorists win.

TSA saves America from crying 3 y.o. girl in wheelchair, takes her stuffed animal “Lamby”

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“It bothers me that my daughter was singled out specifically because she is in a wheelchair.”

Body scanners to be removed from nation’s airports (at least the nude-imaging ones)

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“OSI Systems Inc. couldn’t write software to make passenger images less revealing.”
Inert grenades found by TSA in carry-on bag

Tales of the TSA: Who brings fake grenades, a real garotte, in carry-on?

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For all the hell we give the TSA, they really do have to deal with some beyond-stupid air passengers.
tsa Grenades airport

85% of record-number of guns confiscated by TSA in 2012 were loaded

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The top six US airports for gun confiscations are in the south or Arizona. Oh, they’re finding grenades too.

TSA holds 12 y.o. girl in wheelchair for 1 hour, for ‘explosives’ (video)

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TSA wouldn’t let mom comfort crying daughter throughout ordeal.
boarding pass

TSA now giving tips to terrorists

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Barcode on boarding pass contains “secret” info you can edit to change your name, and whether you’re searched.
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