“Trump may be the most corrupt businessman in America”

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Washington Post opinion columnist Paul Waldman joins us in today’s UnPresidented podcast to discuss Trump corruption, North Korea, Canada trade, and the breaking New York Attorney ...

Trump to pay for wall by taxing US consumers & killing red state jobs

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Mexico is the top export market for goods from Texas, Arizona and California; totaling over 1 million jobs.

Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank

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The Export-Import Bank has problems, but it’s worth reforming and reauthorizing.
Map of TPP countries

Why Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren are fighting: The strange world of trade, the TPP and TPA

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Breaking down the debate that’s currently dividing the Democratic Party.

Hillary takes a confusing non-position on TPP

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What little Clinton did say on the issue was vague and self-contradictory.

Pelosi strongly against current TPP bill: “No on Fast Track — Camp-Baucus out of question”

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Pelosi says No to Fast Track. Her help is critical to ending TPP. Please thank her, and ask her to stand firm.

TPP trade agreement: Ross Perot on the “giant sucking sound from the East”

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The U.S. has lost over 28 million manufacturing jobs since NAFTA. TPP will make this much much worse.

ADL: We need a gay “Jackson-Vanik Amendment” to punish Russian trade

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ADL’s Foxman also suggested banning Russian human rights abusers from entering US, using US banking system.

TPP is a secret Obama trade agreement that will trump national sovereignty

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the next big NAFTA-style “trade” agreement, should worry you.
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