Stormy Daniels

Tiny Trump

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In today’s UnPresidented Podcast episode, we spend a good deal of time with a number of midterm election updates, but we also delve into: Trump’s growing public feud with ...

Ed Asner narrates “Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale”

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The solution to our problems is simple: We must tax the rich. When will we accept that simple fact?

Bush tax cuts have expired, no law has replaced them

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Now that the Bush tax cuts have expired, the negotiating ground has radically shifted. Or should have.
Grim Reaper

How many will die if Barack Obama raises the Medicare eligibility age?

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Complicit Congress types, take note. This decision is very much either-or. Vote carefully.

Leaked deal memo for last year’s Grand Bargain: “Obama willing to go quite far”

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Cuts to Social Security, Medicare & top tax rates. Does 28% top rate sound good to you? It sounds good to .001%.

Pres. Clinton explains Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut for the rich (video)

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Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut for the rich will cut taxes $250,000 for the wealthy, while increasing your taxes by $2,000.

Ryan gets testy, calls off interview, when asked about tax cuts (video)

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While Romney campaign staff blocks camera with paper for fear Ryan might mess up answer.
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