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Marco Rubio making anti-gay swing-state robocalls to help Romney

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GOP Senator Marco Rubio is doing anti- “gay marriage” robocalls in various swing states in order to help Romney.

Romney’s momentum has turned to no-mentum

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If anything, the polls show Obama moving a wee bit forward again: Obama 71% chance of winning, Romney 29%.

Mitt Romney’s mortal enemy: Arithmetic

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Romney still only has a 31.9% chance of winning to Obama’s 68.1%, and the numbers for Romney are getting worse.

Unemployment drops in key swing states

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And unemployment rates among blacks and Latinos, while higher than the national average, decreased even faster.

Why Romney won the last debate, and how Obama can win tonight’s

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The President seems almost afraid to tell voters the truth, while Romney is happy to promote a lie.

Did swing states hate Romney’s debate performance?

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Supposedly Romney “won” the debate, but the polling suggests he “lost” in the swing states.
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