Missouri Republican proposes bill that would revoke scholarships for athletes who strike

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Anti-racist college athletes aren’t a threat to free speech. Corporatist state legislatures are.

Iowa stormchasers nearly hit by lightning (video)

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A really scary story from some trained stormchasers in Iowa who were trying to fim a possible tornado forming.

Obama could raise minimum wage for federal contract workers today (if he wanted to)

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Do the Robert Rubins want higher minimum wages? Does Obama? He could raise millions of wages by executive order.

Support today’s fast-food workers strike: Join a lunchtime rally near you

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Workers at American fast-food restaurants will be striking today for higher pay and better working conditions.

Why I think President Obama doesn’t really want to attack Syria

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By going to Congress for authorization, Obama is actually trying to keep America out of Syria.

John Oliver on fast-food workers striking, and Fox’s absurd coverage (video)

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John Oliver really rips into Fox News for its absurd coverage of the minimum wage debate.
Hockey sports

A muted union victory in the NHL lockout deal

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There’s enough in this deal for both sides to declare victory. Most importantly, there will be hockey in 2013.
Cathay Pacific Airways

Workers on Cathay Pacific Airline threaten to cut drink service and smiles

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Cathay Pacific Airline is threatening to impose US-like customer service if their wage demands aren’t met.

Guest Post: Why Black Friday strikes against Walmart matter

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Walmart matters. It’s so large, it sets the standard for wages and worker treatment.
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