Roy Hibbert’s closeted apology for “no homo” slur isn’t enough

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When you slur gay people, and your apology fails to even mention gay people, it’s not a real apology.

Robbie Rogers: Gay, sportsy and hot, what more could you ask for?

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Soccer player Robbie Rogers of the Los Angeles Galaxy also came out earlier this year as a gay man.

Asante Samuel, please stop flaunting your heterosexuality

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You don’t have to show it and flaunt it like that, Asante. You know what I’m saying, we have kids out here too.

NFL player Asante Samuel wishes Jason Collins wouldn’t “flaunt” his sexuality

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Bonus clip: Jon Stewart weighs in on Collins’ coming out as well.

High school sports dad: “I hope someone will shoot up the school really soon!”

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The father of a high school athlete is doing his best to show kids how not to behave.

Ravens football player Brendon Ayanbadejo to use Super Bowl to talk about gay marriage

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Ayanbadejo plans to use the media attention during the buildup to the Super Bowl to talk about gay marriage.
Hockey sports

A muted union victory in the NHL lockout deal

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There’s enough in this deal for both sides to declare victory. Most importantly, there will be hockey in 2013.

The time Philly fans booed Santa and pelted him with snowballs (video)

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Philly fans did boo Sarah Palin as well, so we can’t fault them for everything.

NFL player defends right to use word “f*ggot” in public

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Cleveland Brown’s Tank Carder: “I don’t agree with being gay… but saying f*ggot doesn’t make me a homophobe.”
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