Mom gets life for beating 3 y.o. son to death, thought he was gay

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The boy suffered five broken ribs, then received the fatal blow to his stomach that ripped his intestines.

Irish dad flips out that son failed his driving test (in best accent ever)

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The son is pulling a fast one on his dad, he actually passed, but he wanted to see how dad would react.

Post-it Note parenting advice from a new dad (funny as hell)

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“Wait. It’s ‘Pat a cake’ and not ‘Patty cake’?”

Must-watch: Aussie football team helps single-dad with cancer celebrate son’s birthday

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This might just be the biggest tear-jerker I’ve ever posted.

A beautiful love song from 95 y.o. actress Marsha Hunt (video)

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Marsha Hunt, who was once blacklisted for her liberal views, penned this song about (gay) marriage and love.
CT Democratic Senator Chris Murphy being sworn in, his baby raised his hand too!

Chris Murphy’s baby raises hand to be sworn in with Senator daddy

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One of the most adorable photos, ever. New Democratic Senator Chris Murphy being sworn in today, with family.
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