The real Social Security retirement age is already 70

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To get your full benefit, you have to wait five years if you retire at 65. Do the wealthy have to wait? Guess.

GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks

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America has ten times the money it needs to pay its debt. All it has to do is kill off its seniors.
gay marriage prop 8 doma

The mess that is federal benefits post-DOMA

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The feds are busying sifting through a lot of law and regulation to figure out who now gets benefits.

Obama loses key support for cutting Social Security, Medicare in “Grand Bargain”

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The powerful pro-Obama think-tank Center for American Progress has just abandoned Obama’s benefit cuts.

Keith Ellison: “I don’t care what party you’re in. I’m in the Social Security party.”

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Progressives in Congress are declaring independence from Dem neoliberal leaders on Social Security benefit cuts,
Virtually Speaking

News of the week on Virtually Speaking Sundays: Gaius & Avedon Carol

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What happened this week? What have Obama, Israel, the NRA and Keystone Pipeline lovers done lately? Tune in.

Did Obama deliberately lie in 2008 about his Social Security plans?

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Barack Obama has talked frequently about Social Security. But did he fake his position during the 2008 campaign?

Programming note: Gaius on the Obama budget and other news of the week

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Discussing Obama cuts with Maya Rockeymoore. Discussing the week’s atrocities with Digby of Hullabaloo.

Chained CPI, a tale of the Rich and the Rest

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Only the wealthy want to cut Social Security with Chained CPI. The rest of us want benefits to expand.
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