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How much will Sanders raise your taxes? A lot.

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Sanders say you’ll actually save by not having to pay for health insurance. I ran the math, and it depends.

Team Clinton decides that “Medicare for all” is Actually Bad

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It’s one thing to say that single-payer isn’t feasible. It’s another to say it’s bad policy.

Wall Street Journal blasts high cost of single-payer, cites paper that proves them wrong

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Single payer costs a ton of money, if by costs you mean saves.

Republicans are way more likely to support single-payer when you tell them it’s Donald Trump’s idea

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Universal health care is either Marxism or meh, depending on whose idea it is.

Conservatives should love single-payer health insurance

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What if I told you that the theoretical underpinnings of single-payer health insurance are supported by conservati
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