Is it really appropriate for Roll Call to comment on Fed nominee Janet Yellen’s clothing?

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I’m just not convinced that men get their clothing choices scrutinized as heavily as women do, even today.

Anti-gay Russian parliamentarian offers bill to solve “social problem” of menstruation

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Mikhail Degtyarev’s menstruation bill would give “the fair sex” 2 days off work a month for their “problem.”

Horrific acid attack on 17 y.o. coed is sadly typical of India’s routine mistreatment of women

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Sonali Mukherjee’s face literally melted away as she instantly lost the ability to see, hear, eat, walk & talk.

It’s amazing how many women Republicans can insult in just one week

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A great video detailing the offensive things Republicans have said about women in just the past 7 days.

Wash Post runs sexist story about White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler’s shoes

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When you call the President’s lawyer a “litigatrix,” you diminish the accomplishments of all women.

Easy-Bake Oven goes gender-neutral

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This is in response to a 13 y.o. girl’s viral campaign against Hasbro’s sexist marketing of the Easy-Bake Oven.
easy-bake oven

13 y.o. launches petition against Easy-Bake Oven for marketing only to girls

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Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Oven packaging and marketing is all focused on girls, not a boy to be found.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin responds to Sen. “Tiny Johnson”s offer to mansplain the budget

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“I was a double major in mathematics and political science, and served six years on the House Budget Committee.”
Tammy Baldwin

GOP Tea Party Senator plans to mansplain the budget to Tammy Baldwin

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The top 10 most educated states voted for Obama, and 9 of the 10 worst educated voted for Romney.
Ann Romney donald Trump

Mrs. Romney: Women didn’t care about the economy in ’08 election

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Mrs. Romney now claims that women weren’t concerned about the economy in Nov. 2008. Maybe rich ones weren’t.

Must-see: Australia’s PM calls out conservative’s sexism, misogyny

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Australia’s PM Gillard delivers an amazing performance against the opposition leader. Why don’t we see the same in the US?
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