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How 3 decades of weak Democratic messaging undermined Medicare and Social Security

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Reagan, Bush & congressional Republicans broke the budget, and Democrats don’t note it nearly enough.

Is “liberal” Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushing Obama’s Grand Bargain cuts?

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Does Sen. Amy Klobuchar support Chained CPI, gutting Social Security? Ask her at 202-224-3244.

Sequester news: Pelosi again onboard with “Chained CPI”; HR 900 now has 26 cosponsors

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The division among House Democrats on the Sequester and benefit cuts widens.

Is there a Democratic war over Sequester and benefit cuts?

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There are four teams in the field — us, two potential allies, and the enemy. Here’s how to win.

Even Fox News doesn’t buy Paul Ryan’s budget (video)

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You know the Republican budget is nuts when it doesn’t even pass the laugh test on Fox.

Sequester & HR 900, the bill that cancels it: Gaius with Maya Rockeymoore

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Gaius and Maya Rockeymoore discuss the Sequester, HR900 (Cancel the Sequester bill) and more on WeActRadio.

Alan Grayson: Social Security cuts will prompt civil disobedience

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Men and women in office don’t understand — there will be hell to pay if they pass benefit cuts to SS & Medicaire
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Updated: Cancel the Sequester bill has six (now twelve) new co-sponsors

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A list of true Democratic heroes in the sequester fight. Call to say thanks for supporting HR 900, if you can.

ACTION: Call these Republicans to support Cancel the Sequester (HR 900)

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How to motivate House Republicans to cancel the Sequester (or vote No on a benefit cuts deal) — plus a list.
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