Government shutdowns, sequesters and medical research

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When Congress can’t fund itself, medical research takes a huge hit. We can’t let that happen.

Sequester cut funding to 1,000 researchers

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But the harm went far beyond the researchers. It affected students, other researchers, and sick people worldwide.
Jon Stewart on the sequester

Jon Stewart blasts Congress’ selfish sequester fix

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Congress fixed the sequester for air travel, which affects them, but not Medicare patients losing chemo.

Cancer is inconvenient, but missing your flight is death

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How the US Senate put its own personal pork – flight delays – ahead of the needs of people dying of cancer.
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One way to blackmail progressives in office — put a hostage in the bill

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Neoliberals love offering hostage-filled choices. Progressive are prone to say No. Grayson on hostages in bills.

All flights could be delayed 30 min because of sequester

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Sequester already having major, and growing, impact on air travel.

Thousands of Medicare cancer patients lose chemo because of sequester

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In one series of NY clinics, over 5,000 Medicare chemotherapy patients are now being turned away.

Republicans up in arms over duck sex

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GOP is upset that NSF is funding duck penis research, but their real target is science and truth.
Virtually Speaking

Sequester, guns & the filibuster: Gaius & Cliff Schecter on Virtually Speaking tonight

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Join Cliff Schecter & Gaius for a discussion of the week’s events, including the Sequester & gun legislation.
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