Dementia Village: Holland’s civilized approach to treating the elderly

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Dementia Village is an amenities-rich gated community where Alzheimer’s patients, and others with dementia, live.

GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks

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America has ten times the money it needs to pay its debt. All it has to do is kill off its seniors.

Tim Huelskamp: Cut Medicare or Tea Party will default on America’s debt

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Add America’s entire senior community to the ever-growing list of Republican hostages that must be killed.

Who will care for you when you’re sick and old?

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Stay-at-home moms used to be the infirmity-fallback, but now women (rightfully) work too, so who’s available?

HIV on the rise among America’s seniors

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A look at possibly reasons why HIV rates are rising among America’s elderly community.

Ryan VP pick backfires on Romney, seniors PO’d over Medicare

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So Romney pulled a McCain and picked a wacky VP to “save” his presidential run. How’s that working out for him?

Obama now ahead with Catholics and seniors

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Obama is not only ahead of Romney with Catholics, but he has surged with seniors by a remarkable 17 points in one month.
Social Security

Obama may cut Social Security benefits during Lame Duck session following election

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Not good. After November, Obama will never again face the electorate. He’s free to do as he wants. The Lesser Evil is still evil, folks. If you vote for it, it’s your job ...
senior citizens

Romney support from seniors crumbling rapidly

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Paul Ryan booed at an AARP talk, while Romneys poll numbers among seniors are tanking.
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