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34% premium increase for older Americans under Senate GOP health care bill, with fewer benefits – per CBO

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The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Americans in their 60s could see a 34% increase in health insurance premiums under the Senate Republican health care bill. What’s ...

GOP senators up for re-election shut door on Garland nomination

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The GOP’s predictable refusal to consider Garland is exactly why Obama chose him.

BREAKING: Senators make tradeoffs

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Did Bernie Sanders oppose the auto bailout? It depends.
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Bipartisan sentencing reform bill to be introduced in the Senate today

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In today’s Senate, bipartisan coalitions on substantive issues are nothing short of amazing.

As Iran Deal secures 41 votes in Senate, Dick Cheney proves Obama’s point

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Want to know why you should support the Iran Deal? Ask Dick Cheney.

Iran Deal will survive, as administration secures 34th vote in Senate

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Diplomacy wins, for now.

Did Claire McCaskill illegally coordinate with Todd Akin’s campaign so she could beat him?

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It’s one thing to try and choose your own opponent…but did the Missouri Senator go too far?

Alcee Hastings is right: Members of Congress have too much money, but Congress is underpaid

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We get the government we pay for. If the public doesn’t fund government, the privately wealthy will take it over.

Senate cooks go on strike, highlighting issues with privatized public services

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America gets the government it (doesn’t) pay for.
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