Who really surrendered at Appomattox Court House?

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The South is a drag on America. Let the former Confederacy secede.
rick perry brokeback

Rick Perry thinks Abe Lincoln was a closet secessionist

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File Governor Perry’s Lincoln appropriation under “Just Because You Have New Glasses Doesn’t Mean You’re Smart.”

When is Putin’s secession-referendum for Chechnya, Dagestan and Karelia?

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Vladimir Putin is such a fan of democratic referenda to set a people free, so why does he refuse to free his own?

Crimean referendum offers 2 choices: Secede & join Russia now, or Secede & join Russia later

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The only choices on the ballot are whether to join Russia now or later.

Louisiana governor Jindal trying a do-over so we ignore his radical past

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Ignore Bobby Jindal’s extremist past and behold, the new moderate, and other tales of fiction.
isolate alone

Dear Texas: Leave, please.

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And take your drinking buddies, Alabama and Mississippi, with you.
Rick Perry

Let the South secede

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If Texas wants to go, let it — but make sure it pays us back the billions it took from us first.
Texas Miracle rick Perry

Popular petition on White House Web site demands Obama let Texas secede

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Don’t let Oklahoma hit your ass on the way out.
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