Yes, Virginia, there are tornado-truthers

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Tornado-truthers worry the government and its secret weapons might just be behind the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.
AR-15 gun ban

GOP raffling AR-15 “Sandy Hook”-type rifles as macabre pro-gun stunt

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Republicans across the country are raffling off AR-15 assault rifles, the ones used in Newtown, as pro-gun gags.

Stephen Colbert talks Newtown, background checks, & destroys NRA

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Stephen Colbert on the Newtown massacre: “Grieving families aren’t the real victims, gun owners are.”

GOP fundraising video mocks grieving Sandy Hook mom who lost 6 y.o.

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GOP is fundraising off a photo of the grieving mother of a dead Sandy Hook Elementary 6 y.o., Dylan Hockley.

Daughter of Newtown victim confronts Sen. Ayotte for killing background checks

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Ayotte’s moderator admits to having censored gun questions. Ayotte is apparently ashamed of the 2d Amendment.

Is it time to release the Newtown massacre photos?

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Some argue that the only real way to force Congres to pass real gun laws is to release the Sandy Hook photos.
Bullets, ammunition, ammo, gun control

Cops running out of bullets because gun nuts have bought them all

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It seems that so many gun nuts are buying up ammunition, in the fear that President Obama will take away their precious guns, that there’s now an ammo shortage in our country ...
boy with gun kid child

Dems kill assault weapons ban

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The support of 74% of the American people just wasn’t enough for Democrats & Republicans, or their NRA masters.

Texas school employee shoots self at training class to arm teachers

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Post- Sandy Hook, a number of Texas schools have decided to arm themselves against the coming zombie apocalypse.
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