AP calls it: Creepy Carl DeMaio loses race for US House in San Diego

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The GOP House candidate from San Diego, facing 4 accusations of exposing self to coworkers, has lost.

Gay sex scandal hits GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio

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A former staffer, who passed a lie detector, says DeMaio masturbated in front of him, then attempted to bribe him.

Video of a highway color-coded by car

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It’s a neat bit of video editing, though I still don’t entirely understand, but still find fascinating.
Gnome homes in Overland Park, Kansas

A roundup of today’s quirkier news stories (and an open thread)

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San Diego’s pervy politicos. Donald Trump sued for fraud. Video games good, drugs bad. And a gnome invasion.

Last year when all of San Diego’s fireworks went off in 15 seconds (video)

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I’m posting light today, taking my own personal holiday as today is pretty much holiday-lite in DC.

A pod of 100,000 dolphins spotted off of San Diego (amazing video)

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Apparently, the dolphins travel in a pack like this ever year, but not 100,000 of them at once.
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