Tennessee lawsuit would invalidate every marriage since June out of spite

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Privileged classes of people would rather give up nice things entirely than share them with marginalized classes.

New “religious freedom” bill in Georgia has nothing to do with religion

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The bill limits its scope to “matrimonial ceremonies,” dropping the pretense that it protects religious freedom.

Conservatives scrambling to explain why the Bible is negotiable for refugees, not for same-sex marriage and abortion

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This week’s been a madder-than-usual dash away from Jesus on the right.
book of mormon mormons

Mormon Church declares same-sex couples apostates, bars their children from baptism

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It’s one thing to be opposed to same-sex marriage. It’s another thing to declare kids immoral by association.

After marriage equality, let’s win secular wedding equality

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Secular Americans shouldn’t have to choose between fake belief and bureaucracy on their wedding day.

Utah’s Mormon governor un-marries 1,300 gay couples

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Utah Gov. Herbert decided unilaterally to un-marry over 1,300 gay couples, something he can’t actually do.

Don’t look now, gay marriage just got legalized in Utah!

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In an unexpected decision, a federal judge threw out Utah’s ban on gay marriages – so lots of gays got married.

In-depth look at how New Mexico won gay marriage

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A detailed analysis of yesterday’s blockbuster New Mexico Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage.

Breaking: New Mexico becomes 17th gay marriage state

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In a unanimous decision, New Mexico’s State Supreme Court rules for gay marriage.
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