Benghazi committee staffers’ salaries look a lot worse given the “work” they do

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New reports about the committee’s office culture make it harder to justify their expenses.

GOP activist: Women must get paid less in order to find a man

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“If a higher-earning man is not available, many women are more likely not to marry at all.”
protest budget cut

Congress, White House get full pay during sequester

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We shouldn’t expect answers to tough problems when politicians in Washington have no skin in the game.

$11 million annual salary is “modest,” says bailed-out bankster Chairman

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Four and a half years after the banking collapse, the bankers still don’t get it.
Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman’s salary “cut” at HP, “only” gets $15m for bad 1st year

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When Meg Whitman’s annual income is “cut” to “only” $15m as punishment for a bad year, something is wrong.
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