Catholic Charities, Rick Warren, ask Obama for right to use fed funds to discriminate against gays

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Catholic Charities and Warren are demanding that an ENDA executive order let them discriminate against gays.
Pastor Louie Giglio

Rick Warren’s anti-gay evil twin Louie Giglio to give inauguration benediction

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Pastor Louie Giglio compared gays to alcoholics, called homosexuality a “malfunction.”
Rick Warren

Rick Warren: Being gay is like “punching a guy in the nose” or “arsenic”

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He really is a sanctimonious fat-ass.
Nigerian Christian pilgrim

With religious right’s help, Nigeria trying to ban everything gay

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African country set to pass US religious right-inspired hate bill in ironic effort stop stop western influence.

Right wing talking point: the “Romney, Warren, Obama” position on marriage

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If there was any doubt that the right would use President Obama’s unwillingness to come out in support of  marriage equality as a talking point, look no further than this ...

Does Rick Warren think that abolishing slavery “weakened the church”?

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Like most bigots, Rick Warren makes some awfully broad pronouncements that not only don’t hold up under scrutiny, but are so extreme that they could be used to justify slavery, ...

Bigot Rick Warren weighs in on Christopher Hitchens’ death

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I’m having a hard time finding the right words for this.  Pig, comes to mind.

Religious right bigot and Prop 8 supporter Rick Warren weighs in on Christopher Hitchens death

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What a jerk. @RickWarren: Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him &grieve; his loss. He knows the Truth now. Just wait until people like Rick Warren find out the truth, that ...

Was it “unreasonable” for gays to be upset about Prop 8?

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Last week, NY Magazine’s Jonathan Chait wrote a piece accusing liberals of being “unreasonable” in their criticism of President Obama on issues ranging from gay rights ...
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