Pentagon is using the NSA to commandeer the Internet

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Google and Apple are NSA spies. If they want to keep their customers, they’d better fight back against the govt.

GOP Virginia gubernatorial nominee Cuccinelli’s ongoing effort to ban BJs

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Why has the GOP Virginia legislature refused for 10 years to pass a law making it illegal to rape children?
Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

GOP turns to “Chick-fil-A model” to woo younger voters. Seriously.

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Because nothing says “the youth vote” like Bible-thumping anti-gay bigots.

How Obama used Biden to undercut Reid on fiscal cliff deal (plus a framing story)

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Which Obama is more real, the one you want to exist, or the one who gives your stuff away? Your choice on that.

The importance of “rebranding” politicians who betray progressive principles

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To be more effective, we need to rebrand faithless “progressives” as what they are. Can we be this bold?
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