Republicans panic over Chauvin conviction

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I’ve been watching the fallout from the Derek Chauvin verdict. As you know, Chauvin is the police officer convicted on three counts of killing George Floyd after pushing his knee ...

New poll is just AWFUL for Trump; Voter concern about the economy grows

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After 2016, it’s understandable that Democrats are wary of polls predicting victory against Trump next year. Also, we’ve got another 15 months to election day, and anything ...
Ammar Campa-Najjar

Chip in to elect Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar and defeat racist Duncan Hunter

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Republican House member Duncan Hunter was recently indicted for taking campaign funds for personal use, and then claiming they were going to wounded warriors. As a result of his indictment, ...

Roy Moore’s lawyer makes racist comments about MSNBC’s Ali Velshi

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Roy More’s lawyer Trenton Garmon brought up MSNBC’s Ali Velshi’s “awesome diverse background” in defending Roy Moore’s claim that he asks the parents ...
april ryan

April Ryan says Hillary is right, Spicer treated her with “indignity”

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April Ryan, Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, was told to by White House press secretary Sean Spicer yesterday to stop shaking her head during the daily press ...

America’s favorite racist GOP uncle does it again

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Republican member of Congress Steve King, who fretted a few days ago that immigrants would destroy our “civilization” with their babies, has now ignited a new controversy. ...

Trump surrogate posts another (fake) photo of Hillary in blackface

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Donald Trump’s surrogate has posted a second, fake, blackface photo in an attempt to smear Bill & Hillary Clinton.

John Kasich isn’t a moderate: Racial justice

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He told Nina Turner that “I don’t need your people” right from the get-go, and it’s been downhill from there.

Obama’s State of the Union summarized the bulk of our domestic policy debate in two sentences

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Our economic problems aren’t black and brown people’s fault, thank you very much.
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