Alan Grayson on “Democrats In Name Only”: They betray our side

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When you give money to the party & they give it to the DINOs, they’re betraying what it means to be a Democrat.

Action and optimism are critical to progressive victory

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When things look hopeless & the “event horizon” is ahead, act as if you can win. It’s the only way you will win.

Henry Waxman will support Chained CPI in trade for “things we want”

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Henry Waxman will sell out Chained CPI. How did we find out? A reader asked him — and then reported back.

2 million “no benefit cuts” signatures delivered to White House (video)

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Live coverage of two million “no benefit cuts” signatures being delivered to the White House at 1230pm ET.

Sequester news: Pelosi again onboard with “Chained CPI”; HR 900 now has 26 cosponsors

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The division among House Democrats on the Sequester and benefit cuts widens.
Obama victory speech

Gaius on Angie Coiro, 10am ET today, discussing Obama’s second term

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Listen to Angie Coiro, Sarah Jaffe, Guy Saperstein and me discuss Obama’s 2nd term on WeActRadio or via Internet
Ring of Fire Radio

Gaius on Ring of Fire: “How to build a powerful sustainable progressive movement”

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It will take courage to enter the next phase of progressive movement engagement. Listen to hear what kind.

List of House “Progressive Caucus” members who voted against fiscal cliff deal

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These are your actual progressive heroes. You can count them without using your toes.

How to be a Freeway Blogger

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Ready to be effective? Freeway blogging may be for you.
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