2020 election roundup with Ohio Dem party chair David Pepper

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The 2020 election: The latest polls in the key swing states, gerrymandering, and how we defeat Trumpism once and for all.

Biden doing well, per latest polls

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Joe Biden is besting Trump in the latest polls, even though Trump is getting way more TV time. The crisis has not been kind to the great orange one.


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Today’s show is the latest on the Coronavirus mess, and the 2020 election. There’s a mini-version of Super Tuesday happening tomorrow in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, ...

The latest 2020 polls & Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds

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In today’s UnPresidented Podcast, we delve into the lastest 2020 presidential polls, and then discuss Donald Trump’s wacky claim, that the Turk’s devastating attack ...

New poll is just AWFUL for Trump; Voter concern about the economy grows

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After 2016, it’s understandable that Democrats are wary of polls predicting victory against Trump next year. Also, we’ve got another 15 months to election day, and anything ...
rachel bitecofer

Trump will lose in 2020, explains pollster Dr. Rachel Bitecofer

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Dr. Rachel Bitecofer, the only political pollster to nail the 2018 election, joins us to explain why she thinks Donald Trump is going to lose in 2020, and how Democrats will fare in ...

Crooks & Liars’ John Amato talks the 2020 election

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Our good friend John Amato, the founder of Crooks & Liars, joins us to talk about the latest really bad polls for Trump’s reelection effort (including an awful Fox News poll ...
US Capitol dome, by John Aravosis.

Latest election polls with one day left

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One day left to the midterm elections, and Cliff and I walk you through the latest polls. In a nutshell, the Democrats still ‘should’ win back the House, while the Senate ...

More election polls, Soros, the caravan, “nationalism,” & the ACA

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With two weeks to go to the midterm elections, today’s episode is ALL elections. We start talking about the GOP’s anti-Semitic attacks on George Soros and the recent bomb ...
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