Rafael Cruz warns that the next fight for the LGBT movement will be legalized pedophilia

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That’s news to me.

Catholic archbishop defends letting confessed pedophile priest near kids

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Also at issue, why Chris Christie’s Prosecutor John Molinelli gave a confessed child abuser a plea bargain.

Catholics suspend priest for blowing whistle on sex abuse of minors in Africa

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Father Anthony Musaala of Uganda has been indefinitely suspended for violating the Catholic child-rape omertà.

Pope candidate Cardinal Turkson: Pedophilia is a white thing

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One of the top candidates for Pope thinks the pedophile scandal is really a “gay” scandal, and a white thing.

Cardinal accused of aiding pedophiles will vote on next pope, says he’s scapegoat, like Jesus

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Cardinal Mahony, accused of shielding and protecting child-rapist priests, is heading to Rome to pick next Pope.

Did the Pope resign to avoid facing a major about-to-break scandal?

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Why did the Pope resign? Rumors are swirling. Does a court case in Rhode Island provide the answer?
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