UC-Davis pepper-spray cop gets $38k for HIS suffering, $10k more than his victims

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The students were peacefully staging a sit-in to support Occupy Wall Street.

Tea Party controls 58% of GOP in Congress

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Former GOP Gov. Pawlenty claimed that Occupy Wall Street has as much power among Dems as Tea Party has with GOP.
99% 1% OWS

Were OWS protesters dirty f’g hippies? New study: Not so much.

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A good number of OWS protesters were well-educated and made decent incomes. While 1/3 had lost their jobs.

Occupy Wall Street offshoot to buy-back consumer debt, then forgive it

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Occupy Wall Street offshoot “Strike Debt” will buy-back consumer debt for cheap, then forgive it.

Occupy Sesame Street

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My take on the Sesame Street meme, after Mitt Romney threatened to kill Big Bird.
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