NYT trump video

Horrific NYT video of the racism, bigotry at Trump rallies

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The New York Times just released a video looking at Trump rallies, and the hate they generate. It’s pretty wild.

Never mind

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Dear NYT, WGYN is not a radio station in Chicago.

NYT 1924: Hitler “tamed by prison, no longer to be feared, will retire to private life and return to Austria”

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Putin’s NYT Syria op ed is a direct contradiction of his policy on gays

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Vladimir Putin, who wants international law to save mass-murdering Syria, ignores international law at home.

Does Congress really suck?

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Does Congress really suck? Good question. Now there’s a cool, interactive Web site to help you find the answer.

NYT blasts Romney auto lies, while Ryan backs away from bailout

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“It takes an especially dishonest candidate to simply turn up the volume on a lie and keep repeating it.”
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