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Russian anti-gay serial kidnapper Maxim Martsinkevich arrested in Cuba

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After an 18 month spree of kidnapping and torturing gay and trans youth, Russia finally takes action.

CNN on Russia’s serial kidnapper/torturer of gays who Putin refuses to arrest

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Maxim Martsinkevich’s branches in nearly 2-dozen Russian cities kidnap gay teens and then torture them on camera.

Russians film brutal video of attack on transgender woman

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Truly brutal video. Videotaping gay- and trans- bashings is a “thing” in Russia. Authorities do nothing.
russia gay kidnap

Translated video shows Russian vigilantes torturing kidnapped gay 15 y.o.

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“Have you ever heard of the famous urine therapy?”

Gay Russian neo-Nazis

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They’re here, they’re queer, and they really don’t like Jews.

Russian vigilantes are videoing the kidnapping, beating and torture of young gays

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The perpetrators are clear from the videos, but the Russian authorities reportedly refuse to lift a finger.
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