Boy Scouts, GOP face same dilemma: How do you shake your bigoted base?

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Americans are increasingly finding the Boy Scouts’ bigotry, and their mere existence, a quaint anachronism.

Mormons join religious right bigots in filing brief in support of Prop 8

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Militant Mormons promised to stop the gay-bashing. They lied.
Boy Scouts

Will the Mormons knife the Boy Scouts if gay ban is lifted?

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The Mormons should take a clear stand against anti-gay bigotry, and support lifting the Boy Scouts’ gay-ban.

If Scientology is a “cult,” then why is Mormonism a “religion”?

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Why is it okay to think that Scientologists are nuts, but when you criticize Mormons, it’s “prejudice”?
torquemada catholic religious right religion

They hate us for our monogamy (and our ability to accessorize)

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Catholic bigots worry they’ll be called bigots if they oppose gay marriage. And they will.

Did Dan Savage’s marriage cause Mormon GOP Sen. Crapo’s DUI?

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Oh, and Crapo’s a “social conservative” too. Hypocrite.
gay marriage

NV judge: If gays can marry, straights will decide not to, and the human race will die

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Btw, if that’s your bf’s reason for not getting married, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Ix-nay on the Ormon-may

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Christianity is fair game, while Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is off-limits. Why the anti-Christian double standard?

Rubio, who lied about family “fleeing” Cuba, hints Obama is socialist while introducing Romney

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Proven-liar Marco Rubio has zero credibility.
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