Mitt Romney misspells America

Romney “Where to Vote” Web tool broken on election day

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Only latest in online SNAFUs. Earlier today, Romney emails black Democrat telling him to vote tomorrow.

Romney’s plan to steal the election

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Team Romney is reportedly already planning to challenge an Obama electoral, but not popular, vote victory.

Romney 7.8% chance to win, Obama 92.2%

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Nate Silver gives Obama a 92.2% chance of victory, HuffPost gives him 90%. Auto bailout was key for Ohio.
Chris Christie

Chris Christie of NJ turned down Mittens’ request to appear at campaign event

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The governor of NJ has decided to hitch his horse to the actual President rather than a man who will never be.
SNL Mitt Romney

SNL’s Mitt Romney (video)

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SNL’s Mitt Romney: “If I’m elected president, I can promise you one thing: I will promise you everything.”

Ix-nay on the Ormon-may

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Christianity is fair game, while Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is off-limits. Why the anti-Christian double standard?
gay dads

10 y.o. girl writes Obama about her two gay dads, Obama writes back

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As a gay man, for me, voting for President Obama over Mitt Romney, is a no-brainer.

Should progressives vote for Obama?

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This a “Rorschach test election” for Democrats. It’s also a strategy election. What should progressives do?
Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani tells Obama to resign, Ryan suggests POTUS isn’t Christian

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Rudy Giuliani and Paul Ryan have jumped the shark. They think they’ve lost the election – it’s Hail Mary time.

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

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“We’ve got to get out! My daughter is frostbitten,” begs mom. Staffer replies: “It’s not cold enough for that.”

GOP already putting out “why Romney lost” spin

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GOP strategist on CNN refuses to predict a Romney victory on Tuesday.

Conservative pundit: Romney wants to abolish FEMA, now flip-flopping

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GOP’s Debra Saunders: “I think that we’ve seen the Etch-a-Sketch Romney…. which one is the real one?”
Hurricane Superstorm Sandy over America

Red Cross issues annoyed statement about Romney “relief” donations

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Romney’s insistence on sending goods, rather than money, is impeding the Red Cross’ disaster relief work.
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