Trump’s coup attempt just got a whole lot more dangerous

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Today’s show is about Trump’s ongoing coup attempt, and in particular, the revelation about Trump this weekend illegally attempting to coerce Georgia’s Republican ...

Should we trust election polls in 2020? A chat with polling expert Jason Boxt

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Today’s UnPresidented podcast is all about polls. Can we trust them, should we trust them, what actually happened in 2016, what do the polls tell us about the upcoming November ...
Nancy Pelosi

Why Pelosi should be our next Speaker

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Today’s big top in the UnPresidented Podcast is Nancy Pelosi and the race for Speaker of the House. We also discuss the ongoing Mississippi Senate race; Donald Trump not even ...

President Melania

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In today’s podcast, Cliff and I talk about Trump’s disastrous Veterans Day holiday in which he once again dissed the troops; we then have a big election recap, looking at ...

What really happened in Niger?

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Today’s White House press briefing was unusually illuminating. Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked a lot of questions about the growing scandal over Donald Trump’s ...
Anderson Cooper Trump general kelly

Anderson Cooper blasts Trump for using Gen. Kelly’s dead son as political fodder

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Yesterday, Donald Trump used the dead son of his chief of staff, General John Kelly, as political fodder. Trump was fighting back against a growing chorus of condemnation over his failure ...
trump lgbt flag rainbow

Trump bans transgender troops to divert attention from growing Sessions scandal

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Donald Trump today announced a ban on transgender American serving in the US military. Trump not only reversed President Obama’s earlier decision permitting trans troops to serve, ...
Loose Lips

Trump divulged secret location of US nuclear subs to Philippine president

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A recently released transcript of Donald Trump’s April 29 phone call with Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte shows that Trump told Duterte that the US had moved two nuclear ...

Trump now blaming Obama for botched Yemen raid

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Donald Trump suggested today that the botched military mission in Yemen, in which Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens died, was actually President Obama’s fault ...
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