Republicans hate America. Don’t be afraid to say so.

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Trigger Warning: I’m going to write about Trump. But that’s a good thing, because Democrats need to wrap Trump, and what he represents — graft, lies, treason and death — around ...

Democratic Messaging Matters

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Today’s leitmotif is messaging. We start the podcast with Biden’s quasi- State of the Union address last night before a joint session of Congress, and then leading to a ...
Simon Rosenberg, photo by Mee-lar.

How Biden and the Democrats can, and must, improve their messaging

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On today’s show, we talk to longtime friend Simon Rosenberg about the importance of Democratic messaging, and exactly how Democrats should go about improving their messaging as ...

Our mistaken messaging on climate change

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My good friend Ben Finzel works as a communications consultant specializing on clean energy issues. Ben recently wrote an article about how poor messaging on climate change is hindering ...
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How 3 decades of weak Democratic messaging undermined Medicare and Social Security

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Reagan, Bush & congressional Republicans broke the budget, and Democrats don’t note it nearly enough.
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