Keith Ellison: “I don’t care what party you’re in. I’m in the Social Security party.”

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Progressives in Congress are declaring independence from Dem neoliberal leaders on Social Security benefit cuts,
Jon Stewart on the sequester

Jon Stewart blasts Congress’ selfish sequester fix

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Congress fixed the sequester for air travel, which affects them, but not Medicare patients losing chemo.

Cancer is inconvenient, but missing your flight is death

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How the US Senate put its own personal pork – flight delays – ahead of the needs of people dying of cancer.

Bill introduced to begin rollback of high Medicare drug prices

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Medicare recipients currently pay higher prescription drug prices than Medicaid recipients.

2 million “no benefit cuts” signatures delivered to White House (video)

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Live coverage of two million “no benefit cuts” signatures being delivered to the White House at 1230pm ET.
Social Security

(Updated) House Dems who promise to vote No to benefit cuts like Chained CPI

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Chained CPI is a benefit cut and it’s very unpopular. These House Democrats promise to stop it.

How Obama’s budget threatens Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

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A look at the planned cuts to benefits, and a reminder of why each is a bad idea.

Thousands of Medicare cancer patients lose chemo because of sequester

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In one series of NY clinics, over 5,000 Medicare chemotherapy patients are now being turned away.
Oil drilling

Barack Obama’s economic legacy: His four must-have items

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Privatized “Medicare expansion”. Benefits cuts for SS & Medicare. Keystone. TPP. Obama’s top four legacy wants.
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