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Guns, Beto, and Israel

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In today’s UnPresidented Podcast: We debunk Trump’s claim that “mental illness” is the reason we have so many mass shootings; discuss Trump’s latest scam, ...

8chan and the mass shootings

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Online extremism expert Melissa Ryan joins us again to talk about this weekend’s mass shootings, how (and why) many of the shooters have been using extremist Web sites like 8chan ...

Yet another mass shooting, what it all means if anything

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In today’s podcast, Cliff Schecter and I discuss the mass shooting in Texas, and what if anything gun control advocates can do in a country that seems to have lost its mind. You ...

Mass shootings really are a bad way to frame the gun violence debate

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Gun violence is an everyday public health issue.

The First Amendment, by definition, doesn’t need your prayers

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Criticism of prayer isn’t a violation of your religious or speech rights. It’s an exercise of them.

Jeb on mass shootings (and economic inequality, and institutional racism, and climate change): “stuff happens”

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For Jeb Bush, “stuff happens” isn’t a gaffe, it’s a platform.
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Dad threatens to “spill blood” over way kindergarteners say Pledge

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“He thought he heard the word ‘liberty’ removed.” (The kids were 4-6, they probably missed a lot of words.)
Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Joe Scarborough on gun control

Scarborough’s amazing transformation from gun advocate to gun opponent

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Uber-conservative Scarborough’s epiphany is a useful lesson for taking on America’s gun-nut culture of violence.
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