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Let’s elect America’s first openly-gay governor

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Let’s make LGBT history. Please contribute $25 to the campaign of a man who hopes to become America’s first openly-gay governor. I had no idea until now that we’ve ...

Maryland legislature overrides Governor Hogan’s veto, restores voting rights for 40,000 ex-felons

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Governor Hogan says that the override runs counter to “common sense.”

Maryland House overrides veto on felon voting rights

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It is impossible to disentangle felon disenfranchisement laws from our country’s history of racial discrimination.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan vetoes criminal justice reform and voting rights, abstains on LGBT protections

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You don’t “oppose…all forms of discrimination” if you veto criminal justice reform.

Ding-dong: Former progressive, anti-gay bigot, Sam Arora to retire from Maryland House

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We thank you very sweetly for doing it so neatly.

Obama mocks GOP congressional hopeful for comparing Obamacare to slavery

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“They’ve made such a big issue out of this, trying to scare everybody with lies about killing granny.”
Sam Arora

Sam Arora claims didn’t do 180 on gay marriage

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MD Delegate Sam Arora falsely claims that only political opponents say he changed his position on gay marriage.

Will Catholic Conference, Knights of Columbus, renounce racist donor?

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3rd biggest individual donor to MD anti-gay campaign is member of racist, secessionist confederate hate group.
Chad Griffin

Gays win marriage in WA State too! HRC’s Chad Griffin on LGBT landslide.

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HRC’s Griffin: “LGBT equality won a landslide victory… nothing short of a pro-equality mandate.”
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