French religious right to disrupt Tour de France to protest gay marriage

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Attacking France’s version of mom, baseball and apple pie is not a recipe for winning over the public.

French religious right: Kid wouldn’t be dead from hate crime if you hadn’t legalized gay marriage

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A disgusting comment from the leader of the French religious right, who is closely allied with America’s right.

The kiss heard round the world – France celebrates its 1st gay marriage

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France held its 1st gay marriage in the city of Montpellier, where Vincent and Bruno became husband & husband.

New video of pro-family riots across Paris. Police tear gas violent anti-gay thugs in multiple locales.

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Family values mobs riot in Paris, throw things at police, rush police. 2nd video proves multiple incidents.

Nothing says “defend traditional marriage” like a winged dude in tight silver spandex

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French anti-gay bigots hold surreal “flash mob” to protest government’s push for marriage equality for gays.
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