Cabaret: "Money makes the world go around"

Judges, legislators, corporations are conspiring to steal public pension funds

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The rich & their political friends have starved states and cities of money. Their solution: default on pensions.

127 corporations that want to “Fix the Debt” by gutting your retirement

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The 127 millionaire CEOs of “Fix the Debt” corporations have a great idea — more for all of them, less for you.

It’s not the corporations; it’s the CEO class that runs them

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Corporations are the engine by which economies are looted. CEOs then loot the corporation. Our world explained.
Money politics corruption

The push to fix the debt is a billionaire- and corporate-financed looting scam

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The “fix the debt” crisis is financed & driven by looters; watch as the rubes give the rich whatever they want.
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